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Ross Mclean has an eclectic instrumental repertoire, tracks such as Salt Water are composed of calming beats piano and string instrument samples.

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Ross McLean aka Mawglee, came to Brighton in 1999 via several corners of our green and pleasant land, Brussels and America. Raised in a musical environment he started messing around on guitars, keyboards and pianos and anything else at the tender age of five. Whilst living in Brussels at the age of twelve he began experimenting and playing the drums for a couple of bands.

After a smattering of releases on the underground imprint ‘Grow Your Own Music’ Label, Mister McLean found his music garnering an appreciative reaction from Tru Thoughts. Lo and behold, it wasn’t long before his delicious ‘Salt Water’ EP was garnering similarly enthusiastic responses from the wider world, falling as they were under the spell of tracks like ‘Nouby Rapture’ and ‘Sienna’ and their sparkling beauty.

  • Salt Water EP (TRU048) Packshot

    'Salt Water EP'

    Opener ‘Nouby Rapture’ originally appeared on the ‘Shapes Mon...


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