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Steady are the result of the collaboration between friends Dan Lambert and Tom Guest. Their first track ‘Alarming Frequency’, was the very first release on Tru Thoughts.

Alarming Frequency was a hit with beat heads across the country. Not only was it used by Mr Thing as his opening track for the 100+ dates of the DJ Vadim tour the track was licensed to John Stapleton’s Dope On Plastic compilation at the wrong speed (it’s at 33rpm not 45rpm!). Even the B side ‘Tricknology’ was picked up and used as the trailer music to Channel 4’s The Hip Hop Years. The boy’s contacts at MTV lead them to a video tape of the World’s hip hop impresario’s talking over their longstanding relationship with their favourite sneakers for their ‘Sneaker Culture 12 on Tru Thoughts.

  • Sneaker Culture 12" (TRU009) Packshot

    'Sneaker Culture 12"'

    ‘Sneaker Culture’ is an infectious 12”, the A-side chopping u...


  • Alarming Frequency (TRU001) Packshot

    'Alarming Frequency'

    The title track is stuffed full of cut-and-paste goodness, with orchestral brea...


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