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Treva Whateva

Treva Whateva

In his own words: “hip hop, Cuban, Brazilian, breakbeat, jazz, symphonic, jump-up jungle and disco tracks in one vaguely cohesive whole.”

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The fruits of this short-lived deal are the well received “Overdrawn & Overdue” and “Long Time Female Friend” EPs (on the Under 5s off-shoot, ’00 & ’01) but just as domination seems inevitable with the club-destroying “Singalong” due to come out on the main label, Skint drop a number of artists including, yes, you guessed it, Trev! Their loss however, is another Brighton labels’ gain: Tru Thoughts step in and the Singalong/Dedicated 12 is finally released to a hungry public, January 2002. The subsequent success of this release prompts an enquiry from Ninja Tune, with Treva eventually signing on the dotted line.

  • Singalong 12" (TRU022) Packshot

    'Singalong 12"'

    ‘Singalong’ is the kind of tune that lodges itself in your head, re...


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