Tru Thoughts presents Unfold Sun 29th March 2015


A special DJ Mix inspired by that soulful Juke / Footwork sound but also incorporating some deep Drum and Bass too with tracks fro... Duration: 116:09

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Tru Thoughts presents Unfold Sun 22nd March 2015


A special Downtempo mixtape this week with Soul from Jordan Rakei, Sam Smith, Jill Scott, Omas Keith and Sampha. Hip Hop from Mang... Duration: 114:20

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Tru Thoughts presents Unfold Sun 15th March 2015


Reggae and Dub from Protoje, Kalbata, Wayne Marshall, Serocee on Unit 137. Disco / Boogie from Marcus Marr and Trujillo (re-workin... Duration: 155:32

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Tru Thoughts presents Unfold Sun 8th March 2015


A deep and soulful show this week. Head nod vocal tracks from Eska, Kelela (pictured), Sam Smith (remixed by DJ Premier). Soulful ... Duration: 119:21

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Tru Thoughts presents Unfold Sun 1st March 2015


There is a special mixtape this week featuring Jungle and Drum & Bass dancefloor rockers but before that the show starts with some... Duration: 115:36

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Tru Thoughts presents Unfold Sun 22nd February 2015


Another good quality mix up on the show this week. Starting with Hip Hop from Common, Joey Bada$$, Open Mike Eagle and a classic f... Duration: 117:05

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Tru Thoughts presents Unfold Sun 15th February 2015


The show starts off deep and soulfully electronic with Jack Garratt and new Tru Thoughts signing Manu Delago. It gets Jazzy with M... Duration: 155:32

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Tru Thoughts presents Unfold Sun 8th February 2015


Brand new signing to Tru Thoughts 'Jonny Faith' (pictured) joins Rob on this week’s show to play some tunes and have a chat abou... Duration: 155:55

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Tru Thoughts presents Unfold Sun 1st February 2015


A great mix up of music on this weeks show to treat your ears. Deep tunes from Jonny Faith, Romare (pictured), Floating Points and... Duration: 117:32

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Tru Thoughts presents Unfold Sun 25th January 2015


A special Hip Hop DJ mix from Robert this week featuring a variety of Hip Hop.... Duration: 116:27

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Tru Thoughts presents Unfold Sun 18th January 2015


The show starts soulful with D’Angelo and some more sung vocal tracks from Royce Wood Junior, J Felix and Quantic (yes Quantic s... Duration: 115:41

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Tru Thoughts presents Unfold Sun 11th January 2015


Lots of new music for this weeks show. Soul from D’Angelo(pictured), Prince, Jacob Collier and Jack Garrat. A great Hip Hop trac... Duration: 116:54

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Tru Thoughts presents Unfold Sun 4th January 2015


The final Best of 2014 show explores some of the more blissed out, melow and soulfuls tracks that sounded great in 2014 and will n... Duration: 114:34

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Tru Thoughts presents Unfold Sun 28th December 2014


Some more good quality dancefloor and listening to tracks celebrating the best music of 2014. Hope you had a good Christmas and wi... Duration: 117:19

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Tru Thoughts presents Unfold Sun 21st December 2014


The second Best of 2014 show features some of the big dancefloor tunes of the year. Each track is guaranteed quality. Have a Happy... Duration: 115:19

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Tru Thoughts presents Unfold Sun 14th December 2014


Celebrating the best music, artists and record labels from 2014. This is the first show of 4. So quality music guaranteed from Hip... Duration: 114:44

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Tru Thoughts presents Unfold Sun 7th December 2014


A special DJ mix from Robert this week covering deep, headnod, downtempo music with Soul, Hip Hop, Beats, Bass, Electronic sounds ... Duration: 114:44

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Tru Thoughts presents Unfold Sun 30th November 2014


Plenty of new and recent music releases on the show this week including Kaytranada, Mary J Blige (pictured) and Romare. Hip Hop fr... Duration: 115:19

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Tru Thoughts presents Unfold Sun 23rd November 2014


A special DJ Mix on the show this week widely covering the Grime genre with some classics alongside new tunes. Some amazing produc... Duration: 114:42

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Tru Thoughts presents Unfold Sun 16th November 2014


Deep soul music from The Seshen, Nautic and Terri Walker. Big club tracks from DJ Trax, Quantic and Panther Krause. Jungle from De... Duration: 115:47

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Tru Thoughts Podcast No. 49

In celebration of their second TT release, the Urban Landscapes EP, Brazilian brothers Drumagick bring you this great podcast. Equal parts fascinating...

Tru Thoughts Podcast No. 48

Robert Luis rounds up his highlights of 2012 and gives you an upfront peep into what's in store for 2013. Expect plenty of incredible music. ...

Tru Thoughts Podcast No. 47

Nostalgia 77 brings you an insight into his new project Nostalgia 77 & The Monster, and their abum ‘The Taxidermist’. Weirdness and wonderfulness ...

Tru Thoughts Podcast No. 46

Wrongtom talks you through the ‘In East London’ album, playing tracks from the record and selection of the sounds that inspired him and Deemas J w...

Tru Thoughts Podcast No. 45

Yannah Valdevit talks you through the making of and the stories behind her 'Equilibrium' album, which was co-produced by Zed Bias, with music from the...

Tru Thoughts Podcast No. 44

Hint takes you on a guided tour through his new album 'Daily Intake' ...

Tru Thoughts Podcast No. 43

Robert Luis brings you a taste of things to come on TT in 2012 with this exciting podcast packed with upfront and exclusive new music ...

Tru Thoughts Podcast No. 42

Robert Luis looks back over an amazing year for Tru Thoughts, and plays his best of 2011 selection - an unmissable podcast. ...

Tru Thoughts Podcast No. 41

Anchorsong plays tracks from his debut album ‘Chapters’ and talks us through his musical techniques and the eclectic inspirations - from rock to f...

Tru Thoughts Podcast No. 40

Musical oracle Mark de Clive-Lowe dives deep into his influences, talking you through a mix of sounds that inspire him and tracks from his great new a...

Tru Thoughts Podcast No. 39

Producer, musician and top DJ Beta Hector celebrates his new ‘Sunbeam Insulin’ album, and the weird and wonderful mix of sounds that inspired it, ...

Tru Thoughts Podcast No. 38

Robert Luis (Tru Thoughts A&R) plays some of his favorite Quantic tracks and tells some of the stories behind the music and Quantic’s various projec...

Tru Thoughts Podcast No. 37

Robert Luis interviews Omar ahead of the "Dancing" single and his album release in July. Find out about the UK soul legend's past, including collabora...

Tru Thoughts Podcast No. 36

Nostalgia 77 brings you a hit of 'Infotainment' to enlighten you on his album, The Sleepwalking Society ...

Tru Thoughts Podcast No. 35

Inside the weird and wonderful world of Wildcookie... ...

Tru Thoughts Podcast No. 34

Robert Luis brings you his perfect mix of big hitters and upfront exclusives in this end of year podcast, including a best of 2010 round-up and some t...

Tru Thoughts Podcast No. 33

Azaxx mixes up the 'Shapes 10:02' compilation in style. ...

Tru Thoughts Podcast No. 32

Join Belleruche on an intriguing guided tour of the London bars, venues and other locations that informed the creation of '270 Stories', interspersed ...

Tru Thoughts Podcast No. 31

Joe Acheson from Hidden Orchestra brings you an intriguing insight into the eclectic influences behind the ‘Night Walks’ album, from ‘90s hip ho...

Tru Thoughts Podcast No. 30

A 'Hintroduction' (as we call it in the trade) to the upcoming new music on the "Beryllium" EP. ...

Tru Thoughts Podcast No. 29

Our A&R guru Robert Luis mixes his selection of Quantic tunes ...

Tru Thoughts Podcast No. 28

Saravah Soul give you a guided tour of new album 'Cultura Impura' and the influences and inspirations behind the music. ...

Tru Thoughts Podcast No. 27

Beta Hector's ultimate summer mix. Enjoy! ...

Tru Thoughts Podcast No. 26

The man behind it all, Rob Luis, takes an interesting trip down memory lane to the soundtrack of the Tru Thoughts Funk compilation, talking through th...

Tru Thoughts Podcast No. 25

Bamboos main man Lance Ferguson takes you through the new album, '4', with the help of sound engineer and comedy sidekick, John Castle. ...

Tru Thoughts Podcast No. 24

In typically enigmatic style, the elusive Chris Vogado from Zero dB sidesteps the chat and brings you a solid 56 minutes of what he does best, with an...

Tru Thoughts Podcast No. 23

Will 'Quantic' Holland brings you his own unique insight into the inspirations behind his Combo Barbaro and the acclaimed 'Tradition In Transition' LP...

Tru Thoughts Podcast No 22

Taking you right through to the end of the year and into 2010, Rob Luis brings you the 'Queen's Speech' of Tru Thoughts podcasts, looking over the hig...

Tru Thoughts Podcast No. 21

Flevans takes you through the collection of great remixes that make up his '28th Devil' CD. ...

Tru Thoughts Podcast No. 20

Natural Self takes you on a musical trip through his brand new album, 'My Heart Beats Like A Drum'. ...

Tru Thoughts Podcast No. 19

Kylie Auldist plays music from her new album, 'Made Of Stone', and talks you through the songs from her own perspective. ...

Tru Thoughts Podcast No. 18

Will 'Quantic' Holland in coversation with Rob Luis on Unfold Radio chatting about his new album, Tradition In Transistion. ...

Tru Thoughts Podcast No. 17

Lizzy Parks' personal guided tour of her new acoustic album, which sees the singer exploring a new folk-infused terrain for a charming and quirky albu...

Tru Thoughts Podcast No. 16

Brought to you by Flevans, this is an entertaining trip through his dazzling upcoming album, '27 Devils', out on Monday 18th May, so make yourself a b...

Tru Thoughts Podcast No. 15

Stonephace take you on a psychedelic journey through their epic debut album. ...

Tru Thoughts Podcast No. 14

Azaxx talks you through the inspirations behind his amazing new album, 'The Exotic Delight Bay'. ...

Tru Thoughts Podcast No. 13

Tru Thoughts Co-owner and A&R Robert Luis with a sonic tour of the tracks that are set to rock your world in 2009... ...

Tru Thoughts Podcast No. 12

Robert Luis, Co-Owner and A&R of Tru Thoughts, takes a look (and a listen) back through the best of 2008. ...

Tru Thoughts Podcast No. 11

An entertaining overview of Boto and the Second Liners ...

Tru Thoughts Podcast No. 10

Hint talks to you about 'Driven From Distraction', his shiny new album. ...

Tru Thoughts Podcast No.9

Natural Self talks about his influences, interviews Andreya Triana and provides a preview mix of his new LP 'The Art of Vibration' ...

Tru Thoughts Podcast No. 8

Intro to Fingers and Thumbs with input from the album's vocalists. ...

Tru Thoughts Podcast No. 7

It talks! Milez tells us about Feel Glorious. ...

Tru Thoughts Podcast No.6

Otto from Saravah Soul introduces their debut LP on Tru Thoughts. Delivered fresh from sunny Brazil, vocalist Otto Nascarella talks through the Sarav...

Tru-Thoughts Podcast No.5

Will 'Quantic' Holland presents this insight into 'Tropidelico'. Will ‘Quantic’ Holland presents this, Tru Thoughts fifth, podcast; a gu...

Tru-Thoughts Podcast No.4

Nostalgia 77 & Natural-Self's podcast The Broken Keys take you on a journey through their musical world, introducing themselves, their influences and...

Tru Thoughts Podcast No.3

Lanu introduces The Bamboos and their new album Rawville The Bamboos talk through their May release ‘Rawville’ Available at Etch Shop T...

Tru Thoughts Podcast No.2

Nostalgia 77 Podcast provides and insight into his music and includes a selection of tracks, old and new. In celebration of Nostalgia 77’s late...

Tru Thoughts Podcast No.1

Robert Luis talks through & plays a selection of Tru-Thoughts tracks. Features music from Nostalgia 77, Tm Juke, Quantic, Bonobo, Lanu, Diesler and B...

Nostalgia 77 - 'The Taxidermist'

An instrumental odyssey from Nostalgia 77’s acclaimed Monster side project, “The Taxidermist” is the stunning opening track from the 2012 album of the same name.