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Nostalgia 77 'A Journey Too Far' out now

Nostalgia 77 A Journey Too Far out now Image

Tuesday 11th February, 2014     

‘A Journey Too Far’ is out on 10th February 2014. The fifth studio LP from Benedic Lamdin under his main Nostalgia 77 moniker, this album finds the respected producer, composer, songwriter and guitarist further developing his creative partnership with rising German singer Josa Peit, whose rich, quirky lead vocals grace nine of the 11 tracks; with country-soul supremo Jeb Loy Nichols (Island) singing the remaining two in his loose and charismatic style.

Gripping instrumentals, deft production and Peit’s intuitive vocals lend this album an enigmatic pull, from the delightful bobbing and weaving intro of first track “What Do You Know” and throughout the ebb and flow of the record. Horn arrangements, which hint at Nostalgia 77’s jazz roots, add a strident quality to blues excursions like “Backlash” and “Your Love Weighs a Tonne”, “Ramshackle Rose” and classic-sounding Jeb Loy Nichols number “Don’t Run”; seamlessly interplaying with delicate, acoustic guitar-led songs such as “Crescent City”, the fresh-faced “One” and the delicate, dark lullaby “Like Dark To Light” which closes the album in a sense of beautiful suspense.

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