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Nostalgia 77 lifts lid on new album, first single out now with video

Nostalgia 77 lifts lid on new album, first single out now with video Image

Tuesday 10th December, 2013     

The first single to be lifted from Nostalgia 77's new album 'A Journey Too Far' is out now, the beautiful 'An Angel With My Halo', backed with a remix from Prince Fatty. This stirring slice of psychedelic pop-noir sees the London based producer, guitarist, songwriter and bandleader further developing his creative partnership with German singer Josa Peit.

“An Angel With No Halo” finds Lamdin melding inspirations from the English folk and psychedelic scene to the ‘60s orchestral pop of Gainsbourg and Axelrod. Building on the strides he made as a songwriter on his 2011 album ‘The Sleepwalking Society’, this single blends a poetic, highly visual lyricism with his much lauded skills and instincts as a composer. The inventive instrumental section – rising, falling and spinning out in gripping fashion - explores the threat we face when estranged from ourselves. Deft production, deceptive simplicity and Peit’s delicate yet rich vocals lend the song an irresistible, enigmatic pull.

Revered UK producer of funked-out reggae, Prince Fatty (Hollie Cook/Mr Bongo), weaves the scintillating instrumental into a pulsating and warm, dubby haze, punctuated by the crystal clear vocal refrain of the chorus.

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Check the video below. Made by Roderick Wilson, it draws from a vast collection of found slides from car boot sales and junk shops, blended with homemade filters and oil wheels, creating an uncomfortable schism in the familiar images of our everyday life.