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Ty 'Kick Snare And An Idea Part 3' out now

Ty Kick Snare And An Idea Part 3 out now Image

Monday 20th January, 2014     

The third single from Ty's “Kick Snare & An Idea” series is upon us, bringing more new music, plus remixes from DJ Spinna and a host of other top producers. 

Part 3 opens with the brand new track “It's All Right”, a classic uplifting Ty joint with deep yet quirky lyrics. A song with a message that can be applied to anyone and everyone, as Ty explains, “It's for those situations where you need to hear 'It's alright... It's not so bad... It's not great but it's not the end of the world' - it's something that I need to hear constantly!”

Co-produced by Ty and his regular studio comrade Drew Horley, with assistance from Akwasi (whose fingerprints appear on previous Ty releases including a remix on his “Emotions” single); “It's Alright” bumps along on a warm bassline, Ty's trademark playful genre blending apparent as it veers into progressive territory with a stirring, snaking and scintillating synth outro. Ty's steady flow is joined by additional vocals from Sharlene Hector.

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