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Youngblood Brass Band - 20 Questions OUT NOW

Album drops 9th September

Youngblood Brass Band - 20 Questions OUT NOW Image

Monday 3rd June, 2013     

“20 Questions”, out now, is the first single from Youngblood Brass Band on Tru Thoughts, having signed earlier this year. The single release, on 12” vinyl and digital (as well as on CD direct from the band on their many tour dates) unveils three songs from their upcoming fourth LP, ‘Pax Volumi’, which follows later in the summer.

“20 Questions” announces the band’s manifesto with bluster and bravado, yet the self-assured hip hop swagger of the verses bubbles up with an undercurrent of tongue-in-cheek humour right from the opening stanza: “universally loved by british toddlers/by homeless french tuba players/by stoned american co-eds/6 albums, 15 years, 22 countries, who am I?/try not to love me”. The live performance video of “20 Questions” has gained over 7,500 YouTube hits since it was launched to announce the signing of the band.

“Whiskey Tango Foxtrot” plays on the phonetic alphabet to fire out a volley of acerbic observations and inquisitions, in the direction of the US government, primarily the biggie implied by the song’s title: WTF?. The backdrop is an inventive, ominous atmosphere of industrial, stripped back drumbeats up against the disconcertingly tripped-out sway of forlorn and doomy horn lines. The ‘Pax Volumi’ album is also half instrumental, and the third track here, “Overtime”, is a whip-crisp, energetic jam that represents the instrumental chops of the group, in which they become more recognisable as a New Orleans-inspired brass band.

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