Wake up to 'Dawn Chorus' - Hidden Orchestra's new album

Wake up to Dawn Chorus - Hidden Orchestras new album Image

Friday 16th June, 2017     

"You could just listen to that forevermore, couldn't you?" - MARY ANNE HOBBS

"Beautiful" - LAUREN LAVERNE

"Wonderful wonderful new LP" - GIDEON COE

"Music without borders - amorphous and introspective" - SONGLINES

"All the more impressive by the fact that Hidden Orchestra is actually a single person." - POPMATTERS

"Hidden Orchestra are onto something." - Q

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Available on Limited Edition Ultra-Clear 2 x LP via Etchshop & Bandcamp

Out now, Hidden Orchestra's eagerly anticipated third album 'Dawn Chorus' takes the listener down an Alice In Wonderland style rabbit hole. This mysterious sounding LP features the BBC 6Music supported 'Wingbeats' and 'Still'. Joe Acheson conjures an intricate world of sound, built around a collection of birdsong and other field recordings captured over many years throughout the UK and abroad. His most autobiographical work to date Acheson describes the record as "a kind of personal audio diary, time capsule or memoir"