New project: Sharp And Ready. Stream Ghost Writerz single

New project: Sharp And Ready. Stream Ghost Writerz single Image

Thursday 23rd October, 2014     

Sharp And Ready is the Sound System Culture arm of Tru Thoughts recordings. A platform for the New Wave of UK Sound System Culture, a coalescing of influences and heritage – from Reggae through Hip Hop and Jungle - and the distinct sonic and societal markers of our time, into something wholly new, carried forward by a growing contingent of passionate, talented artists. 

To celebrate the launch of Sharp And Ready, stream the "Back It Up" single from first signing Ghost Writerz, below.

A New Wave of Sound System Culture is here, gaining momentum, in the UK. You may have felt and heard it in our cities, seen and absorbed it at festivals up and down the country; now it is being nurtured and forwarded, recognised and named, prized and presented, keenly and carefully selected by Sharp And Ready for recording and release by Tru Thoughts.

Sharp And Ready is a discerning source for big selections, with fire in its belly; sparked by the passion and entrepreneurial spirit of Jean-Claude ‘Lionbeat’ Charnier, and fuelled by the creative network of sound systems, crews and artists he has been representing and developing for 12 years via his Lionbeat management and Trinity Music London live promotion ventures, from a base in South East London.