Belleruche - 16 Minutes

'16 Minutes', out 25th June 2012, is the second single to be lifted from the new Belleruche album 'Rollerchain' Buy Rollerchain: With their brand new LP "Rollerchain" forthcoming on Tru Thoughts records, Belleruche have created a more bass heavy, evocative and darker sound in the studio and on stage, whilst still retaining that melodic soulful touch.

'Rollerchain' will be released on 07/05/2012, and showcases new instrumentation, complexity and attack that take the band's core elements to a new level. A very modern sound combined with classic song writing ability, the album is an collision of haunting vocals, aggressive analogue sounds and bleeding edge electronic production.

A MANASHATWA PRODUCTION Directed by David Yeo Art Director Scott Normand Director of Photography Alex Forsey Stylist Aaron Walker - Farah Lakoues Hair & Make-up Celine Nonon - Isabell Boettcher Runners Rob Lisney - Eden-Mai Cooper-Jenkins Cast: Maitland Mason. Joanna McCarthy & William Blake from BMA models

Plays: 72883Duration: 3.33 mins