Hidden Orchestra - Vorka

Pre-order the new album 'Archipelago' from: iTunes: http://bit.ly/archipelago_itunes Or direct from us: http://bit.ly/archipelago_etch The "Vorka" / "Spoken" double A-side single is out on 10th September. Buy it now direct from the label: http://shop.etchshop.co.uk/releases/TRUDD056/vorka--spoken/626 Director - Lumen http://lumenav.posterous.com/ "Vorka" features an ethereal hook played on the musical saw by multi-skilled cellist Su-a Lee in amongst her many layers of cello. Propelled by a chunky beat and plenty of bass, with a dynamic drum battle interlude, it has the eerie, filmic feel of a coalescing montage of individual sequences, and the track title references Slavo Vorkapic, a seminal Serbian filmmaker who made short montage pieces in the '30s for Hitchcock et al. This video, made by Lumen, ties it all together. In the words of Joe Acheson, the musical mastermind behind Hidden Orchestra: "This music video is a small tribute to the work of Vorkapic, whose pioneering work in the first half of the twentieth century made his name synonymous with the art of montage. Lumen has used over 20 films from The Prelinger Archive at archive.org, including work by Vorkapic himself, edited together in Vorkapic's fast cutting style. The music for "Vorka" was originally created as a series of short episodes for a radio drama adaptation of a 1970's Japanese sci-fi novel, and then combined into one track in a form of montage, so it felt fitting to reference Vorkapic in the track's title. The themes of the video - manual labour, hard work, and the application of complex processes to achieve a greater goal - also reflect the way that the music has been constructed."
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