MICroscope - Welcome to the Sonic Resistance (Riz MC)

Buy Riz MC's debut album 'MICroscope' from iTunes now http://bit.ly/microscope_itunes Having starred in films like Four Lions, Trishna, Shifty, Ill Manors & Black Gold this is Riz Ahmed's (aka Riz MC) directorial debut, a short film to accompany his debut album MICrosope. This film is your initiation into a hidden world of sonic warfare. A secret government agency - the Department of Culture and Communication - seeks to control the population with powerful sonic viruses. But deep in their labs, the birth of a sonic resistance which will go on to call itself 'MICroscope', may yet stand in their way. Until now the film has only been available at the end of a web game at rizmc.com/lab which allows you to journey in the 'MICroscope' world for three action packed minutes. Designed by Swarm studios, the exciting Lab portal won a prestigious Favourite Website Award (FWA) for innovation in digital design.
Plays: 925Duration: 5.90 mins