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Tru Thoughts
PO Box 2818, Brighton, BN1 4RL UK

+44 (0)1273 694617

Please check the FAQs before getting in touch.

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We are always interested in hearing new music so please do send us a demo. But please read on before doing so…

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Due to the vast amount of music that we are sent, we cannot reply to every demo received individually. That said, rest assured that we do definitely listen to everything we receive. If however we do not get in touch with you, this does not necessarily mean that we do not like your music.

We prefer to get music in a physical format such as CD, USB, Vinyl or a cover letter with a link to a stream of the music.

Please send to:
PO BOX 2818

We will not listen to any MP3’s or downloads without the option of streaming (we recommend Soundcloud for streaming). So please send a link to a stream of your music to:

Please do not send a demo to us before reading the information below:

  • Make sure the best three tracks are at the start of the demo.
  • Write your name and contact details clearly with the submission.
  • Have a listen to the releases on our label and get an idea of the different styles of music we release.
  • Write a brief description of the tracks so we can get an idea of the style to expect before listening.
  • Ideally get an e-mail address for relatively quicker feedback. It is easier for us to respond by email.
  • It is not really worth sending big packages with photos and pages of biographys and CVs. We would prefer a simple one page cover letter.

If you are interested in sending us your music then we’d like you to become a Tru Thoughts Member so we can keep you informed of upcoming events and releases.

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Common demo-related questions

Why do you not reply to each demo individually?

As an independent label we have a lot of work to do each day as we have a number of artists already signed to the label, so a lot of time each week is spent working on their music. Unfortunately as a lot of people copy our music and don’t buy it we are in a position where we cannot afford to have a huge amount of staff to allow the A&R position to be a full time job. We get on average 2-5 demos per day which works out to about 70-100 songs a week to listen to, and every demo is listened to, but replying to each demo individually offering feedback would add a considerable amount of hours of work each week.

Why do you not listen to demos via website links or myspace?

For the reasons above.

How can I confirm if Tru Thoughts have received the demo?

If you are concerned about this we advise you to send the demo “recorded delivery” so you can check with the postal service in your area if the demo has been delivered.

Can you suggest any other record labels similar to Tru Thoughts where I can send my demo?

We recommend that you check out record shop websites such as If Music, Piccadilly or Fat City where you will be able to listen to music being released by independent labels in different genres.

Our advise would be if you make Pop Rock you may be wasting your time sending your demos to a Hip Hop label. Try and send your music to labels that you feel will genuinely have a connection with the music you make

How can I get a Tru Thoughts artist on my demo?

The artists get a lot of requests and if you are serious about working with a Tru Thoughts artist we suggest you get in touch with them via their own websites or managers.

We look forward to receiving your demos and wish you the best with your music and appreciate that you like Tru Thoughts enough to want to send your music to us to consider.

DJ & Press mailing list

If you are a dj or music reviewer and would like to submit your details to us for consideration, please read the following information carefully before you act any further.

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Tru Thoughts have a policy whereby radio and club djs or reviewers may apply with their details, in order to be potentially added to the promotional mailing list.

We are inundated with applications and as a small independent label we have to be selective with whom we can send music to. At the present time it is not viable for us to send music to DJs in countries where we do not have distribution. We thank everyone who supports us and apologise to those who do not qualify to be added to the list for this reason. If you are in any doubt please consult the list of distributors on the ‘Where to buy our records’ page.

At this stage, we further reiterate that our DJ & Press database is already very oversubscribed and we cannot send promotional material to everyone and anyone who requests it as competition is high. If you choose to submit your application please ensure that you fill in the form correctly and remember to include a recent play list or chart. If you do not do this however, your application will immediately be rejected. If you are a music reviewer or feature writer please name the publications/websites you write for and which artists and music you have reviewed or interviewed. Tru Thoughts are able to check these applications once a month so please take this into consideration when awaiting a reply.

Download the application form here

Tru-Thoughts Worldwide Distributors

Contact details of our distributors worldwide

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Contact details of our distributors worldwide

Proper (UK, EU [excluding DE] & Austalia/NZ)

Redeye (USA & Canada)

Beat Ink (Japan)

Groove Attack (Germany / Austria)

Love Da Records (HK/Singapore)

Rhythmethod (New Zealand)

Soul Candi (South Africa)

Feel (South Korea)