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Belleruche 'Minor Swing / Eastern City Lights' OUT NOW

Published: Tue 8th Oct, 2013

“Minor Swing”/“Eastern City Lights”, out now, is the new single by Belleruche, bringing a taste of  the eclectic delights to be discovered on their 'Best Of' album, which follows on 28th October on Tru Thoughts.

Over 2 CDs, Belleruche's 'Best Of' will bring together 28 tracks, carefully selected from their four acclaimed albums and their cache of remixes and B-sides; and a beautiful booklet featuring exclusive content from the band members including track-by-track comments and reminiscences, and a collection of their personal photographs snapped at tours, sessions and downtime across the life of the band.  

The “Minor Swing”/”Eastern City Lights” single spotlights the early music of Belleruche alongside the latest track they have written together as a band. As a standout cut on their 2007 debut album, the party rocking, dusty turntable soul anthem “Minor Swing” became a huge hit with leftfield tastemakers, crowds and record buyers alike, with a fresh sound that predated and predicted the electro-swing fever. Written six years later, in a Bulgarian hotel room overlooking a ring-road, in a pensive moment on one of their many international live tours, “Eastern City Lights” (which gains its first full release here) has become a favourite among the band themselves, embodying where their music is currently at, and takes the closing spot on the impending 'Best Of'.


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