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My Favourite Letters
Alice Russell

Released: 26th Sep, 2005
Label: Tru Thoughts

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Released in 2004, ‘Under The Munka Moon’ was a compilation of Alice Russell’s finest performances to date – many of which were collaborations or guest appearances on other people’s records.

If that first album was about tying up loose ends, then its successor marks the point at which Alice Russell stepped out of the shadows and into the limelight. The twelve songs on this record are definitive proof of her immense talent, not just as a singer, but as an artist in her own right.

The album was co-written and produced by Alex Cowan, aka TM Juke. Together they had already penned ‘Hurry On Now’ – one of the standout tracks from Under The Munka Moon – and it was this positive experience that encouraged them to record a whole album together.

Incorporating aspects of gospel, hip hop, jazz, funk, northern soul, broken beat and electronica, ‘My Favourite Letters’ raised Alice Russell’s international profile, cemented Cowan’s burgeoning reputation as a gifted producer and went on to become one of Tru Thoughts’ all-time best sellers.

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