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TM Juke

Released: 16th Oct, 2006
Label: Tru Thoughts

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Written and recorded during an intensely creative three month period, ‘Forward’ is the product of a musical mind that refuses to sit still. Filtering disparate musical genres into one coherent – and incredibly catchy – whole, Alex Cowan has distanced himself from the cut ‘n’ paste roots of his debut, asserting himself as a songwriter and producer par excellence.

Combining the benefits of a comprehensive musical education with his love of the DIY laptop aesthetic, ‘Forward’ resonates with crisp beats, earthy instrumentation and spellbinding arrangements.

Written and recorded in just twelve weeks after Cowan scrapped an entire albums-worth of material, ‘Forward’ is arguably his most original and accomplished work to date, in spite of – or perhaps because of – the speed with which he wrote it.

The album features the vocal talents of Elmore Judd, Sophie Faricy of the TM Juke live band, Kinny of Kinny & Horne, newcomer Naim and (of course) Alice Russell – each one hand-picked by Cowan to bring their own distinct flavour to his the proceedings.

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