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The Broken Keys

Released: 12th Jun, 2006
Label: Tru Thoughts

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‘Gravity’ captures everything we know and love about the great funk, soul and classic rock LPs of the 60s & 70s and fuses it with the hard-hitting hip hop records of today.

From the piano-led B Boy ballad of ‘Redlight’ to the wide-eyed voodoo-child preacher funk of ‘The Witch’ or ‘Razorblade’, this is an album built on solid beats and accomplished musicianship – perfect for home listening as well as tearing up dancefloors the world over.

The album also benefits from a hugely authentic sound, achieved by combining the best vintage studio equipment with modern production techniques and the ubiquitous sound of the sampler. In short, ‘Gravity’ gives you everything you miss about the old discs, but with the depth and excitement of a modern recording.

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