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Rice & Peace EP

Released: 9th Dec, 2016
Label: Tru Thoughts


“Infectiously danceable bed of sound: a frivolous, uplifting spirit and a steely core.” – THE GUARDIAN

“Promising new band.” – FIP

“Lakuta sets out its stall with passion and energy.” – THE INDEPENDENT

“An exciting and afrocentric tone.” – AFROPUNK

“Lakuta – Bata Boy. One of the great things about this tune is every time you listen to it you just love it a little bit more - every single time.” – JULIE ADENUGA (BEATS 1, APPLE MUSIC)

“Absolutely excellent.” – ALEX LESTER (BBC R2)

I really love that.” – LAUREN LAVERNE (BBC 6MUSIC)

“Love it!" – ROB DA BANK

The “Rice & Peace EP” is the second instalment of high-quality electronic, hip hop and Afrobeat rhythms from the talented Lakuta to be released on Tru Thoughts. This 8-track EP highlights the cleverly named “Rice & Peace” from their debut album ‘Brothers & Sisters’ alongside a collection of new remixes from Dorylus, DizraeliV.B.KühlCaptain Over and J-Felix.

Immersing themselves in their musical and multi-cultural heritages, the Brighton-based collective have roots that run through KenyaTanzania, Ghana, Malaysia,and Europe. The name Lakuta originates from Siggi's mother tongue and translates from Swahili to mean ‘to find, meet and share’. Referencing a fusion of musical styles, Lakuta draw on their funk, soul and world music backgrounds to unearth a conversation that explores modern and traditional approaches.

The EP opens with the socially conscious “Rice & Peace” which blends a polyrhythmic furore of shakers with the funky 4-note riff of the electric guitar to create a hypnotic cycle, similar to the high energy of Congolese Soukous music. Next up, J-Felix’s remix of the title track sees him apply luring synths and heavy reverb to the political protest song. The arrangement of J-Felix’s remix takes inspiration from producers & DJ’s O'Flynn and Debruit, and live African dance music collective Afriquoi’soutputs.

Producer duo Dorylus thread notes of euphoria through their Balearic Jerk Re-Rub of “Rice & Peace” tocreate an uplifting thrill ride that pops and blooms into a heart-whelming listening experience. Dorylus is the pseudonym of London based Paul Crognale and Angus Paterson, founders of the much lauded and collectible Bokhari records.

The Bristol-born rapper, poet and musician Dizraeli (who’s been championed by The Independent, The Times and Songlines) puts a political spin with a hip hop flow on his remix of “Bata Boy”. His salient words stem from his own experiences of growing up as a bisexual man in the West Country, and speak out about the wider prejudices and pressures faced by the LGBT community, all whilst slipping in and out of his regional accent. He explains: “I think it’s important that we’re ultra-vigilant about how we talk and what we allow, because the way we conceptualise lays the ground for the way we behave”.

In his remix of “So Sue Us”, V.B.Kühl crafts a golden dancefloor track with a defining rhythm and positive feeling that filters in through a catchy, percussion driven groove. “I decided to remix “So Sue Us” because of its energy” V.B.Kühl enthuses. “I tried to catch that energy and wanted to give it a clubby touch”. 

Captain Over uses glitchy synths to paint melodic sequences under the breathy vocals of Siggi in their remix of DJ favourite “Ultimate Robot”. Captain Over is the new project of Paper Tiger bandleader Greg Surmacz who has previously released on labels like Wah Wah 45s, Big Dada and Compost.

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