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Nebula feat. Rachel Geller
Lost Midas

Released: 29th Oct, 2016
Label: Tru Thoughts




The first in a series of singles set for release in the run-up to the second album from Lost Midas, “Nebula feat. Rachel Geller” (out 28th October) showcases the next exciting development in the gleaming electronic pop style of LA-based producer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Jason Trikakis. 

Fizzing with bright Los Angeles heat, “Nebula feat. Rachel Geller” encapsulates in playful style the sensuality and abandon of a late-night hook-up, the interstellar cloud of the title a vivid metaphor to accompany the joyfully expressive vocals from Geller, who has become a regular Lost Midas collaborator. “Nebulas are where stars are born in the Universe, so when we hit on that idea, it seemed like a fun and fitting analogy for the song’s intended lyrical concept, which was basically to write a song about sex”, says Trikakis. 

The single’s bonus track, “San Gorgonio”, pans out to find Trikakis contemplating the metropolis below from the lofty peak of Southern California’s tallest mountain, San Gorgonio. A swirling odyssey of harps and chimes flows around a laid-back bassline, intertwining seamlessly with the searching vocal hook. “In LA, maintaining authentic human connections can be difficult”, Trikakis elaborates, of the city where so many people are only out to make their name, push their brand. “It can be a shallow, lonely place. It’s like, when you finally find that authenticity, you don’t let it go. The musicians I’ve collaborated with on this record are some of the most genuine people I know”. 

The two tracks on this single bear instant witness to a year-or-so spent stripping his musical methods back and rebuilding, putting a strong focus on the deceptively simple art of classic song-craft. With the ultimate vision of creating songs that can truly capture and hold attention, Trikakis developed much of his new material with the help of friend Josh Wood – an in-demand songwriter and arranger with several major (though yet-to-be-announced) collaborations in the works. While saying a lot more with a lot less, the vital essence of the Lost Midas sound remains: woozy and ethereal synth sounds are set into sharp relief by the crisp, commanding and inventive beats to be expected of a producer whose discovery of electronic production followed a successful early musical career as a hip hop drummer.

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