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A step feat. Pete Josef
Manu Delago

Released: 4th Nov, 2016
Label: Tru Thoughts




Out 4th November on Tru Thoughts, “A Step feat. Pete Josef” is the lead single to be lifted from the third solo album by celebrated Hang player, percussionist, producer and composer Manu Delago. Setting the scene for the 'Metromonk' LP (out 27th January), this atmospheric song sees Delago melding a mesmerising, live-manipulated Hang performance with an equally captivating vocal turn from Gilles Peterson Worldwide Award-nominee Pete Josef. 

“A Step feat. Pete Josef” embodies this clarity of sound and intent. Almost all of the effects on the Hang come from live manipulation during the recording, the instrumental track having been captured in a one-take performance. “I still wanted to use electronics, but my aim was to create soundscapes that are performed rather than programmed, and therefore sound organic and human”, says Delago. “It may initially sound like production, but it's all performance, happening in the moment”. 

“A Step” is inspired by venturing into the freezing cold water of a mountain stream or pool, a crystal clear mental image that sparks infinite emotive and philosophical trains of thought. “It’s a step that’s so hard to make, but you know you’ll never regret it”, Delago elaborates. 

The vocal contribution from Pete Josef – an in-demand musician working with the likes of Roni Size and Reprazent, Kelis and Darren Emerson (Underworld) alongside his solo outings - was, in Delago’s words, “magical, right from the first demo”, as can be heard in the intimate and relatively unadorned combination of Hang and voice on this single.

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