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Jon Kennedy

Released: 19th Jun, 2001
Label: Tru Thoughts

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Opener, ‘What You Searchin For?’, is taken from his debut album, ‘We’re Just Waiting For You Now’. The track features Jon’s live drums with touches of sitar, rolling pianos and choral vocals, all backed by an anonymous voice talking about “the quest to write music from the heart”.

The next three tracks are exclusive to the EP and are not available on Jon’s debut album.

‘Going To The River’ is a blissful, uplifting tune. With deep chords, subtle vocals and lush keys.

‘Smith Vs Smith’ sees the tempo upped a little but the overall relaxed vibe of the EP is maintained. A caverous sub-bassline combined with the original drum patterns and keyboards give this tune a truly original feel; and when the string breakdown comes in it takes it into a further dimension. A quality tune if ever we heard one.

The final track ‘Anything You Choose’ has an infectious vocoder combined with a cheeky recorder hook and rounds the EP off perfectly.

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