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Raise The Roof
Lizzy Parks

Released: 11th Aug, 2008
Label: Tru Thoughts

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Stunning live musicianship – with a sumptuous string section written and arranged by Riaan Vosloo – combines with a traditional approach to recording, using vintage instruments and microphones, and Lizzy’s amazing voice full and vibrant at the front of the mix.

“Raise The Roof” opens with the simple but irresistible combination of Lizzy’s velvety vocal, a rhythmic double bass and a sparse beat, which unfolds into an ambitious, all-encompassing sound complete with soaring melodies and exciting arrangements. On the flip side of the 7” you’ll find “Part 2”, a groove outro, mixing it all up with lush layers and backing vocals. The two parts originally came from two totally separate, contrasting musical ideas which happened to work so well back-to-back that they became one epic song.

Lizzy’s songs embody elements of everything from retro jazz and soul to ambient experimental music but with a fresh and modern personal twist. No doubt Lizzy’s distinctive style will sound familiar to Nostalgia 77 fans as she and Lamdin have worked together many times over the years; notably their first collaboration was “The Hope Suite” which Lizzy co-wrote and sang, and which was nominated for Track of the Year in Gilles Peterson’s BBC Radio 1 Worldwide Awards.

Lizzy Parks’ debut album marks the first time that Ben Lamdin has produced a full solo LP for another artist and it’s fair to say that this record is set to bring her extraordinary talent into the limelight once and for all. Another rising star who featured alongside Lizzy on the latest Nostalgia 77 LP ‘One Offs, Remixes and B Sides’ was then-little-known Beth Rowley (Universal) – just before she hit the big time with her top 10 debut album earlier this year.

An engaging and charismatic presence both live and on record, Lizzy often graces the stage as the live chanteuse for the Nostalgia 77 Octet and has worked with other great musicians including The Heritage Orchestra (Brownswood) and sax player Chris Bowden (Ninja Tune).

“Raise The Roof” Parts 1 & 2 is coming out on 7” vinyl. The digital release of the single will feature an additional track entitled “Prayer” and will be available from iTunes and the Etch Shop

The full album, ‘Raise The Roof’ is out on 22nd September.

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