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Stabilo Bossa

Released: 6th Aug, 2007
Label: Tru Thoughts

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Stabilo Bossa / Kes is Simon “Bonobo” Green’s first Tru Thoughts release under his Mr. Hyde like pseudonym Barakas.
This new persona allows Simon Green to produce heavier dance floor tunes and blend heavier breaks, builds and drops with his trademark organic melodies and melodic progressions.

Stabilo Bossa is a lively, fast-tempo dance track with bassy undertones, horns, and symbols combined with Latino elements and dirty synth sounds. This is beautifully coupled with the B-side Kes, which has a steady beat intro that breaks into a faster, verging on drum and bass, beat and sick cyber electro snippets that get your mouth watering.

This phenomenal 12” is available to buy now on the Etch Shop for only £3.99.

This dance floor side to Simon Green has been spotted once before on a Tru Thoughts release when he collaborated with A&R manager Robert Luis to release ‘Bungee Jump Against Racism’ under the names Nirobi & Barakas. This was released as a 12” in 2005 and is also available to buy now on the Etch Shop for only £3.99.

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